Thomas Senf Alpine Photography

  • Ulvetanna, Antarctica

    Up until spring 2010 I tried hard not to even dream about antarctica. Getting the invitation for this trip put a huge smile on my face. For days.

  • Project, Secret Spot

    If you think everything has been done your sport, get some fresh coaching lessons and open your eyes to the world.

  • Torre Egger, Patagonia

    Only five days ago, we landed in Patagonia. One day later we already reached the Torre Egger summit. We cannot describe the happiness we felt.

  • Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

    Nothing but ice, rock, 24h sunlight and our 8-person team. It felt like being on another planet

  • Kyzyl Asker, Kyrgyzstan

    After a disastrous bivy-night, only 150m below the summit rappelling down was the only way. Sometimes turning back in the mountains becomes essential for survival.

  • Terskol, Caucasus

    Russia is bitter, rough, melancholic and full of contradictions. A fascinating country due to theses special qualities.

  • Holtanna, Antarctica

    Stairway to Heaven is the name of the route which Stephan Siegrist and the Huberbuam put up on Holtanna. The name says it all.

  • Val Bavona, Ticino

    Ines Papert is sending it hard. There is no other women with so much energy, courage and determination. Yet with all her success she is so friendly, decent and down to earth.

  • Exposure

    Valery Rozov at Ulvetanna in Antarctica and Dani Arnold in a sport-climbing route in the Swiss Urnerland. Wether it be 10 meters or 1000 meters below your feet, only if you focus on the move ahead you will succeed.